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An avid technologist with expertise in security, Alan has dedicated his career to the advancement of the profession across multiple verticals, including NASA, DoD, and Retail, as well as one of the world’s leading modeling agencies. As an entrepreneur, Alan has worked with various Fortune 500 companies, enhancing their technological foundations through the application of architectural innovations and foundational process.

Prior to joining the retail sector, Alan spent more than 10 years in the defense industry in a technology and problem solving capacity to support national security interests, rising to the level of Director of Information Technology and Security. Throughout his career in various V.P. roles, he created and led teams responsible for re-engineering architectures and the business of technology application, to include hybrid-cloud, electronic commerce technologies, and enterprise operations.

Driven by his passion for mastering the understanding of complex technical and security landscapes, Mariotti spent years reverse engineering as-is processes to build the roots for process improvement in any business scenario. Mariotti's unique recipe for process improvement and building team loyalty has positioned him as a formidable force for positive change in the industry.